The Syzygy Poem

(Or what sort of stuff we would like to read.)

1. As a reader

a. Be easy, but not fawning –
Words as candies, landmarks, unwrapped,

Exposed by sin of careless omission,
or overexposition, leaving little

Or, none
to the virginal vision

Make me a pioneer
Exploring new


b. Because the body can only take so much
Always the mind leans toward the sunset, dusk,

Dawn, baby’s touch, things soft and subtle
Therefore, if it cannot impersonate the moon
It must razzle-dazzle, stun, be entertaining

Enough for the spirit to look again, recoil, leap
Ballerina in a dance of (un)words

Style as form and function
Holding both the audience and stage captive, entranced
Terpsichorean’s swan

c. & where indulgence is inevitably human –

Student peeking at review notes
Bungee jumper before the jump, revalidating

What is already known, sometimes

It must allow for the diametric opposition –
What Arabic calligraphy is to Greek

Apocalypsis before Genesis,
Ending before beginning;

d. Hence, Be

That as it may, let the piece stand, god-like
As a captain alerting me to go

Back to start, because truth is

2. As a writer

True poets know when,
When not to (un)word, therefore, it ought to
Be punctuated properly

In short, Just

What’s too good to be


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