Syz Star Is Born!

Syzygyzing live from an uncharted corner of the interwebs, we present our little contribution to the ever-expanding galaxy of online poetry journals –the all-spanking, all-new, maiden issue of The Syzygy Poetry Journal

There are no cowbells here. Only the soft strains of those forgotten questions, wonderings, and musings that you whispered, screamed, or endlessly sighed into the free and open, one starry night, many moons ago… from the back of a dead beat pickup… or from the spine of a rusty barbed-wire fence.

As they say, nothing ever is written in stones, nothing stays, the stars and planets must move. Now celestial bodies are meeting at a particular point in space and they call this rare triangulation, Syzygy

You can trust the poets in this issue to syzygyze and share with you some truths about the beauty of life and of (the) living.

One went astronomically bonkers about the rings of Saturn all in the game of love and betrayal. Another tried to measure the depth of rainfall in order to drown the tears for an unrequited passion. And still another was in a quandary trying to shake off  the open-ended philosophical bearing of the:

The Necklace (1999)

She wears a necklace

with all nine planets
looped on a string

She realizes

God does likewise

    – Wez Civils

Or simply take it from Kelly Cherryour first featured Syzygyan Poet:

“…The choice between perfection and salvation is a sharply limited choice. I don’t think we will or can evolve to perfection.  First, what would perfection be? And how would it get along with all else that is in our universe? As for salvation–well, where do we look for salvation? Not in a heaven, I think, and definitely not on earth.”

Smile. The stars and planets are syzygyzing for you.

Our vision: To provide metaphorical bridges and connective tissues for all those cosmic longings, holes, hunger, emptiness, or gaps as they were, in our once-celestial bodies.

The Syzygy Poetry Journal. Syz is the place to go in inner space for a piece of inner peace.


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