Got connective issue?

Presenting the 3rd issue of The Syz.

Featuring James Reidel, we call this the Connective Issue, owing mostly to Reidel’s catalytic poet persona –

“I still align with my dead friends who are poets. This makes me sound old, and I could be from certain angles and for certain tastes. But I really do think about the dead when I contemplate the night sky, moon, and the pink moon that will begin to wax in a few days (at this writing, which comes around the time of my birthday). . .”


“. . .I try to continue on their course, on meeting up with them in this way, in the sky. It’s healthier. You don’t have to die, so to speak. I do so with an eye on lasting a little longer, as there are so many younger poets and readers on earth.”

While all poets in the constellations birthed by this issue are unison in echoing the prayers and pleas of the modern man, every single poem or verse in this collection mirrors his efforts in forging not just connections but lasting ties that bind.


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